Great Reads of 2022

One thing I particularly enjoy doing with my free time is reading - whether that be books, blogs, news articles, or research papers. This year I’ve enjoyed reading about a number of interesting topics, which I have categorized alphabetically below so as to share some of that content with you 😊 As always you can find more interesting things I’m reading over on Instapaper, but herein lies some of the best from what I’ve read this year - along with some of my favorite articles that I’ve written.

Original Content



Climate Change



Food for Thought

Information Security



As always, thanks again for stopping by 😊 While I prepare my next blog post on preparing for the Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) certification, you can git checkout other (usually off-topic) content I’m reading over at Instapaper - or read my series on the DevSecOps Essentials if you want to learn from my mistakes when starting your journey into DevSecOps.

Until next time, remember to git commit && stay classy!


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